Study WeChat and WeChat marketing with the Industry Expert

The WeChat marketing session where you learn all you need to know about WeChat and WeChat marketing, straight from the expert.

This 2-hour WeChat marketing session includes:


  • One-on-one coaching course 一对一私教课程

  • A targeted marketing proposal一份针对性的商业建议书

In this session, you will learn:


1. What is WeChat, how does WeChat works, and what is WeChat marketing

1.     了解什么是WeChat 以及什么是WeChat Marketing

2. Consumer needs and behaviours of the Chinese

market in Australia (Chinese-speaking Australians, Chinese online consumers and Chinese travelers)

2. 澳洲华人market的市场现状,特点,消费习惯 

3. What are the social channels and platforms of WeChat marketing

3.有哪些方式可以进行WeChat Marketing,有哪些平台

4. What are the differences between WeChat marketing and other social channels (such as Facebook or Twitter)

4. WeChat Marketing和其他social media的不同之处

5. How to make WeChat marketing actually work instead of aimlessly spending money

5. 如何进行有效的WeChat Marketing宣传,而不是乱花钱

6. How to tell when WeChat marketing results are fake and unreliable

6. 如何判断虚假的WeChat Marketing

7. How to set up my own WeChat account (verification, structure, expenses etc.)

7. 如何建立自己的WeChat account,需要的花费

8. How do I measure the performance of WeChat marketing

8. 如何衡量WeChat marketing的成功性

9. What other approaches / channels / tools I can use in WeChat marketing

9. 其他辅助的工具进行Market宣传

10. Any other specific questions about your company or industry

10.   您可以针对您的公司进行提问

Session duration: 2 hours


Session location: various locations (Sydney CBD and other major suburbs in Sydney).

课程地点:various locations

Session price: $330 (must be paid in full, invoice available)

课程价格:$330 (必须全款付清,可提供invoice)



Registration process: payment → session location → time appointment → session begins


Please note: if you would like to change the appointment time it has to be at least 24 hours prior to the session and only one time and date change is available.


Instructor: younickplanet (YNP) 


课程讲师: YNP文案工作室,

With over 6 years of successful WeChat management and WeChat marketing experience, YNP has worked with a number of Australian and Chinese brands towards various target audiences. YNP is well connected in mainland China, Hong Kong and Australian local communities, and she has thorough understanding of WeChat marketing and her own unique marketing insights.


Brands we have worked with:


Huawei, NSW tourism, the Domain Group, Colliers International, Ecove, Aoyuan, DU’IT, COLI Australia, Reebonz, Alibaba, Cemoy, Australia Post, Orpico Photography Studio, Ocean Blue Travel, Medigum Honey, Bo&Mel Couture, the Longuevue Mansion, Hoostay, Illumilux Australia, NoTree, Livetrip travel…

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